Symposium Info

This schedule is subject to change, depending on availability and interests of facilitators. Details will be added as they become available.

The symposium will have three tracks:

  • Governance
  • Training Programs
  • Race Directing

Governance will be formal training in the morning. Race Directing and Training Programs will each be half day, each with three sessions in the afternoon.

The Training Programs and Race Directing sessions be one hour to cover as much material as possible and allow participation in either track as appropriate to your interests. These sessions will generally be about 50% case study from the facilitator’s experience, and 50% questions / answers / experience sharing by the participants. Facilitators will be members of area clubs for all but the Nonprofit Governance Training session.


Governance simply means how your running club is operated and managed to carry out the club’s mission, including setting the mission, budgeting, financial oversight, policy development, effective board organization, etc. 

Nonprofit Governance Training

This three hour session will be led by Pat Hanberry of Hanberry Associates, LLC, a professional trainer for nonprofit governance. Pat will cover the following topics:

  • primary duties of nonprofit boards
  • nonprofit board member responsibilities
  • finance and budgeting
  • policies

Training Programs

Many clubs offer training programs to their members as a core service. 

Setting Up a Training Program

This one hour session will include topics on how to set up a training program.

  • registration for the program
  • setting up a training plan
  • communication to participants
  • road safety for group running

Training Programs as a Club Business

This one hour session discusses how to use training programs as a way to bring in club revenue.

  • how to price your training program (or at least not lose money)
  • obtaining outside Sponsorship of training program (local businesses can access runners before/after training session)
  • building training programs to “feed into” (or train members for) your own races

Recruiting and Training Volunteer Coaches

  • what makes a good coach
  • what makes a good training program coordinator
  • following RRCA coaches guidelines
  • important safety issues for coaches (AED, first aid, etc.)
  • general knowledge of exercise physiology and progression of training
  • male/female ratio (unless female-only training program!) experience/new

Race Directing

Many clubs put on races as part of their mission.

So You’re Thinking About Becoming a Race Director

This one hour session provides an overview on what is involved to put on a race. This will include, but not be limited to the following.

  • budgets and finances
  • staying organized
  • marketing and promotion
  • participant registration and communications
  • volunteers
  • timing and scoring
  • awards

Budget and Finances

This one hour session provides some details on what should be in the race budget and how to keep track of the finances.

Marketing and Promotion

This one hour session dives into how to market and promote the race.

  • social media
  • mass emails
  • online calendars
  • posters, postcards and business cards
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