Maryland Grand Prix Standings (2019)

The winners have been identified for the 2019 Maryland Grand Prix series. These should be considered tentative until the final day for corrections of the NCR Marathon (Jan 9).

As a reminder, you need to check your results as soon as possible after they’re posted (normally within a week after the race). We can take corrections until 40 days after race day.

Also note you need to have results recorded for four (4) or more of the grand prix races qualify for awards. The awards for 2019 will be given out at the RRCA Club Challenge in Columbia on Feb 23, 2020.

Thanks again to our scorer, Melinda Krummerich, for compiling these!

Overall Men:
Martin Shpuntoff (AS)
Bernard Kelly (PGRC)
David Phipps (AS)

Overall Women:
Lynn Zepp (KIRG)
Ruth Taylor (FSRC)
Sandi Simon (AS)

20-24 Male:
Luke Schoppert (MCRR)

30-34 Male:
Justin Zepp (KIRG)
Richard Dix (HCRC)

30-34 Female:
Lisa White (MCRR)

35-39 Male:
Chris Dutton (FSRC)

35-39 Female:
Kara Reese (AS)
Aaliyah El-Amin (PGRC)

40-44 Male:
Dmitriy Valekha (BRRC)
Karsten Brown (AS)

40-44 Female:
Jennifer Sample (MCRR)
Catherine Poole (MCRR)

45-49 Male:
Marc Burger (HCS)
Alan Mulindwa (HCS)

45-49 Female:
Alyssa Mitchell (HCS)
Kirsten Strohmer (KIRG)

50-54 Male:
Skip Sensbach (KIRG)
John Way (FSRC)

50-54 Female:
Lisa Zamostny (AS)
Kathy Jimenez (BER)

55-59 Male:
Lloyd Rawley (PGRC)
Daniel Vasquez Cardona (AS)

55-59 Female:
Vicky Mundt (AS)
Pamela Yao (HCS)

60-64 Male:
Kirk Gordon (DCRRC)
Bill Loomis (MCRR)

60-64 Female:
Janice Uthe (AS)
Kathleen McMackin (AS)

65-69 Male:
Eugene Myers (HCS)
Tim O’Keefe (FSRC)

65-69 Female:
Kathy Hennes (AS)
Kathleen Hanson (AS)

70-74 Male:
Jeff Jones (FSRC)
Ronnie Wong (BRRC)

70-74 Female:
Clare Imholtz (PGRC)

75-79 Male:
Arthur Gregory (FSRC)
Alan Wycherley (AS)

75-79 Female:
Jeanette A Novak (MCRR)

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