Maryland Grand Prix Standings (2018)

There have been a couple of late updates to the Maryland Grand Prix standings. These folks will be getting awards at Sunday’s Club Challenge.

Last year there were some issues getting the standings updated in a timely fashion, but with our wonderful new scorer Melinda, that is not expected to be an issue this year.

During the year, please check your results as soon as possible after they’re posted (normally within a week after the race). We will be able to take corrections until 40 days after race day.

Overall Male:
Martin Shpuntoff, Annapolis Striders
David Phipps, Annapolis Striders
Bernard Kelly, Prince Georges Running Club

Overall Female:
Megan DiGregorio, Falls Road Running
Jennifer Sample, Montgomery County Road Runners
Ruth Taylor, Frederick Steeplechasers

30-34 Male:
Chris Dutton, Frederick Steeplechasers

35-39 Male:
Chad Burger, Howard County Striders

35-39 Female:
Kara Reese, Annapolis Striders

40-44 Male:
Jay Riha, RASAC

40-44 Female:
So Yun, Baltimore Road Runners
Kelly Baird, Annapolis Striders

45-49 Male:
Michael Geisler, Frederick Steeplechasers
Marc Burger, Howard County Striders

45-49 Female:
Alyssa Mitchell, Howard County Striders
Karen Young, DC Road Runners

50-54 Male:
John Way, Montgomery County Road Runners

50-54 Female:
Vicky Mundt, Annapolis Striders
Karen Henry, Harford County Running Club

55-59 Male:
Lloyd Rawley, Price Georges Running Club
Robert Smith, Annapolis Striders

55-59 Female:
Pamela Yao, Howard County Striders
Melinda Krummerich, Howard County Striders

60-64 Male:
Bill Loomis, Montgomery County Road Runners
Kirk Gordon, DC Road Runners

60-64 Female:
Harriet Langlois, Frederick Steeplechasers
Jeanne Larrison, Baltimore Road Runners

65-69 Male:
Eugene Myers, Howard County Striders
Bruce Attavian, Frederick Steeplechasers

65-69 Female:
Kathy Hennes, Annapolis Striders
Deborah Francisco, DC Road Runners

70-99 Male:
Art Gregory, Frederick Steeplechasers
Ronnie Wong, Baltimore Road Runners

70-99 Female:
Clare Imholtz, Prince Georges Running Club
Jeanette Novak, Montgomery County Road Runners

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